INCUBSENCE Founder Diksha Deo, an Exceptional Woman of Excellence, 2019

Date: April 16th, 2019

Place: Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi, India

Women Economic Forum felicitated Diksha Deo, Founder and CEO, INCUBSENCE in a ceremony attended by powerful and reputed business women across the globe.

Diksha Deo with her award at INCUBSENCE Headquarters, New Delhi. 

“Man or Woman or any gender/sexuality do not matter when it comes to running a business of technology. After educating thousands of girls across India without charging even a single rupee, I realized, India has a lot of tremendous talent that we need to bring out.” Says Diksha Deo.


बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ is good! But what to teach? Or what should a girl learn? I believe learning how to think logically will brush up your mind and will wake you up from the sleep of so-called “net-zero” confidence. I remember my first day at a hackathon, no body participated with me because you know they see you as a girl of age 13 who is good for nothing. I felt bad but was not sorrow! The same day I went home and decided to Win all hackathons, because I knew it! Guess what? Only I out of those 100 laughing and demeaning mentalities knew I will win and there you go, 20 hackathon titles to my name.

This was the starting of a new era for me! Now, stepping to my workplace, as girl aged 23 and a Gold medalist at my University. Yet, people laughed and tried to squash me down as they always believe “A woman can’t do it”.  

And today, I am here in front of you as a Founder, and CEO of INCUBSENCE, India’s fastest growing Consumer Electronics Company that has changed visitor management forever and for the better.


INCUBSENCE is not just a company, it's an experience. We at INCUBSENCE are personalising the visitor management experience for easily check-in of visitors to premium facilities, co-working spaces and multi-tenant office spaces and buildings. We are closely working with renowned commercial realtors and facility management firms to give you a luxurious visitor management system experience.


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