HR Trends for 2020- The Future of Human Resource Management

2020 is the years of Digital disruption for HR and HR departmemnt to lead a change in HR that would survive HR department a next place to generate a sense of gratitude. Human Resources business professionals, Hiring Managers, and Global HR leaders have already initiaited another remarkable transformation in HR department. That change in HR would change the entire ecosystem in HR that further surge the productivity of entire organization because HR is a mother of a company. Hence I am sharing some incredible innovation that would change the game HR is being played till 2019. HR trends for 2019 was a kickstart but HR trends of 2020 is another level. 


Good bye to Boredom in HR

Check in at 9, Check Out at 5 was a usual point of discussion in HR departments among HR’s, Hiring Managers, Talent recruiters some years ago. Independent work in demand, millenials prefer freelance and short term contracts giving them flexibility, freedom and more work exposure. Workforce and Employee diversity will dominate due to globalization, multi-city, multi-nation offices and due to the speed of the internet. Remote work also helps HR to reduce the cost on company. Preeti, you spent 1 year today in the organization, your annual performance review is due tomorrow, well that was the old HR way. The annual performance review was carried out with due diligence and of course these usually bored both the HR and the employee.

Business requirements have changed and speed and productivity is in trenmendous demand, HR is now more vigilant in reviewing performance as and when required. That means the days of HR and Employee sitting on annual performance will be less prevelant. 

Inspiring Innovation and the HR

HR always does work with good faith, however many times, employees doubt their intentions. The analytical tools that track employees go to an extent on pointing out smaller and smaller mistakes, thus it creates a feeling of lack of trust. Employee morale is degraded, performance is poor, thus ultimately loss to the company. 

Employee inclusive approach is more beneficial and hence telling them why adopting this process benefits them and the entire company. Automation will no longer be restricted to production in the manufacturing units, rather this is the future of HR. The biggest change in HR would be on the technology front. Automation is the real challenge for HR since the bet is to enhance the skills of HR to make them Pro in technology.

Writing a leave request is a hard job, now an employee on the tap of the button on the phone fill in all details and send to HR automatically to process the leave. Whether the HR accepts or rejects the leave is also automated and HR can just press a button on the phone or laptop to accept or reject. The acceptance or rejection reaches the employee email automatically. HR department “has to” accept the technology, that includes connected devices, AI, ML and makes intelligent decisions to enhance overall functioning of HR.

It would be crucial via technology for HR to determine whether people are happy when they Check-in with boring Biometric Machine or RFID readers. Technology will also help make it very easy for an HR to improve the overall growth of the business.

Technology has reshaped the entire HR department and has helped the HR to foster the work and make business more profitable. Right from finding that “right” talent to onboarding and finally off boarding the employee, the entire process including attendance that directly gets to payroll has to be automated. 


Technology like Connected devices, IoT, AI, ML and Big data will nourish an HR and grow the entire HR department.