How to Work From Home If You Have Kids

I know you have been dreaming of Working from home since long but coronavirus has given you not one, not two but Work from home until further notice. You thought working from home will help you get rid of commute hassle, and you could save time to invest in other activites. However, this coronavirus outbreak has given you a long work from home with kids around as schools and colleges are also shut. 

Theoritically working from home is thrilling and you want to be more productive, proactive and you want to be the best among the rest. However, your kids are also around and with them working form home is a challenge. Hey moms and dads your kids want your attention, irrespective of your conference call or sales call or you are writing algorithms. 

So balancing work from home and fun at work with kids could be your priority so your productivity is not lost. Some pro-tips for you to get more done and at the same time, you can enjoy your time with kids. 

  1. Speak with your partner

    You might have a conference call at 11 AM and that's the time your kids are most active. You don't want to loose this deal because this bring your business more money. So communicate your partner clearly to take care of kids and get them occupied so they don't disturb you while you are on a call with the client. 
  2. Naptime 

    Kids love the nap. Why don't you use that to achieve more productivity?. This uninterruption of an hour or two can give you ample time to focus on some major tasks. Nap time is your golden opprotunity to achieve that most important target. Don't confuse this with the time to put your house in order. 
  3. Dedicate a workspace at home 

    Don't slack. Don't be on the bed and work. You have to be more pro-active. Hence dedicate a room and a desk as your workspace. You can also give a desk to your kids where they can work or color their books. 
  4. Practice with kids 

    You can take help of your kids to train yourself for a very important conference call. You can teach your kids what to do and what not to do while you are a call. Trust me it is not a rocket science to teach your kids. You have to make them understand the importance of making distance while you on a call. If they follow what you taght them, treat them and appreciate them for the good behaviour. 
  5. Demonstrate your commitment 

    It's okay to have your kids sit next to you in your video call. This strategy will help you show your commitment despite handling kids in contigency with your business call. You could also wake up at 5:30 AM, while your kids are sleeping and send important emails where your boss is CCed. This will show your boss that you are committed to work and hence your work ethics will never be questioned and yes, you don't forget to dress properly like you would do for office. 

These 5 tips will help you work form home if you have kids around.