How to make your Facility Management intelligent?

Can we really make buildings intelligent without making Facility Management intelligent? Well, the answer is straight forward no. We have to make the Facility Management intelligent to make luxury buildings intelligent. If the back of the house is not intelligent, how can you make your luxurious buildings intelligent? Language of luxury real estate is on mute unless the Facility Management technology is not speaking the language of the luxury building.

We need to create Intelligent Luxury Buildings and that won’t be possible without an intelligent Facility Management. 

the question that you should be asking after reading this is how can we make Facility Management intelligent? Well the first thing first, let us e-do the checklist and achieve a “net zero” paper checklist, that would help in achieving sustainable solutions and help reduce the carbon footprint that in turn will lessen the environmental impact of deforestation. 

Immediately after, we have to connect e-checklist (s) together with:

  • The Parking Management

  • Visitor Management 

  • Human Resource Management

  • Turnstile & Elevators 

  • All Checklists 

  • All Sensors 

  • Washroom Intelligence

  • Site Procurement

and allow them to talk to each other.