How to deal with quarantine at home as per iNCUBSENCE

Quarantining yourself at home can play an important role in preventing the spread of coronvirus. Coping with the disruption in your normal routine is extremely difficult. TFollow these simple tips while quarantine:

  • Cooking as a craft

Cooking something creative makes you happy and more productive, I bet you try that!

  • Dance

Dance reduces anxiety and alleviates your well being and keep you fit.

  • Some Family Games

Play शतरंज with your Mummy and Papa or if you have kids around occupy yourself with them, this get you come out of the anxiety.

  • Workout 

I know you have put 5-10 kgs over those 3 months of continuous work. But, hey since you are at home, why not set up a work out routine and target the outcome of the workout? Come on, health is wealth.

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