Future of Integrated Facility Management

Business should continue without harming a single hair on anyone’s head. However, while property consultants work so hard and intelligently to be more valuable to clients, there has been a drawback of Integrated Facility Management, which is lack of digitization or you can say all technologies that Integrated Facility Management service providers adopt, all of them do not communicate with each other that in turn results in lower efficiency and not-so powerful insights on the trends of the buildings thus ultimately affecting the efficiency of the buildings leading to business loss to the client. 


Hence, the future of Integrated facility management is Connected Facility Management where e-checklist(s) talk to:


  • The Parking Management

  • Visitor Management 

  • Human Resource Management

  • Turnstile & Elevators 

  • All Checklists 

  • All Sensors 

  • Washroom Intelligence

  • Site Procurement