Finger Biometric attendance system and Facial biometric attendance system are bad and breach privacy

One day it has to be come. A tipping point where you understand that Finger biometric and facial biometric attendance system are so terrifically dangerous for your survival. Virus spreads through biometric attendance was my first topic when I pitched my non human touch designed & made in Bharat attendance system, but I was told this ain't true. 

But this coronavirus scare pushed Delhi govt, Federal and other state Govts. to suspend biometric attendance and bingo every body started believing in me. I am not happy that now you believed me but rather it makes me sad that it led us our fear from coronavirus to say hey biometric attendance are cause of spread of virus. 

on 6th March 2020 Delhi Govt. suspended Biometric attendance followed by many state and federal govt. 

While biometric attendance system can cause the spread of infection but there is more to biometric attendance system and that's breach of your finger and facial biometric attendance data. 

The Biometric Data Breach

Any type of data be it Finger or Face biometric have to be stored somewhere just like any other data. Over one million facial and finger biometric data was exposed in the major breach of your facial and finger biometric data in the United Kingdom.

These exposed Face and Finger biometric data was being used by Defence contractors, UK Metropolitan police and banks. 

The Consequences of Biometric Data Breach

Once stolen the biometric data can never be changed, so the risk due to leak of data is immense. The data can be used for criminal activities that can be really threatening for the individuals and businesses. 

Any criminal having your facial, iris or finger biometric data use your biometric data to hack information that is permanently linked to your profile. With your fingerprint or facial prints, a cyber attacker can gain access to the restricted area of your office. 

Take Action

You or your HR probably are looking to replace finger biometric system with Facial biometric system. You only have one identity and that's your face, stop the acquisition of biometric system at your office and your workplace because if the data is leaked you are exposing your employees to potential greater risk that will lead to a disaster in the future. 

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