Facility Management Trends for 2020 | Facility Management Trends that you need to know in 2020

Facility management growth is driven by the growth of real estate. Hence analysis suggest that emerging markets specially Asia and SouthEast Asia will be the largest contributor in the growth of Facility management. Flourishing market meant growth in competition and more  facility management service companies keep adding to the pool of existing Facility Management service companies, hence how the facility management companies differentiates from the competition will determine how well you do in the market.

Technology Transformation in Facility Management

Sustainability solutions in facility management will be really a complex challenge to solve for the facility management service providers due to global warming. Across the globe reducing carbon emission and saving energy is a top priority to curb the menace of global warming and hence facility management service companies would now be required to assist their clients in restructure the real estate infrastructure. Building design, management and maintenance will have severe consequences for the facility management service industry that would also impact the technology they employ for all the services. Facility management service can never grow without any adopting revolutionarizing technologies. Intelligent Attendance systems, Smart Access control systems, Cleaning Robots, Smart Surveillance would see revolution in the upcoming years.

Hence, the Facility Management Service Industry has to get ready and adopt new technologies. These new technologies will increase the budget, and lower the labour cost. 
Facility Management Industry collect, store and analyze data to improve the quality urban office lifestyle of the clients. The new trend for Facility management services will be the employment of technologies that effectively collect, store, analyze data to make decisions more intelligent. Employee engagement, employee experience and retention has fostered the need to focus on workplace experience. Millelians love the “culture” hence flexible, modular and active workplace while lowering the total area.


Facility Management Outsourced

 Value creation maximization is the top most priority for companies, that manifest that now more and more companies will have to evaluate the model of their operations. While the trend of outsourcing facility management to vendors have seen a surge, it is a mix of in-house resource, cost, vendor management among others. Imagine have one vendor for Visitor Management System, one for Access Control, another for HR and payroll, then fourth one for cleaning, fifth for pantry. Not the coolest idea, right, but ofcourse clubbing all and hiring one vendor.