Facility Management Trend- Innovation for Intelligent Workplace

Fostering the growth of innovation, now the workforce aspire more, that means they imagine a luxurious workspace and they also like to choose the shift timings in this new ear of workplace innovation. Innovation in Facility Management now connects people and property to provide intelligent insights to FM thus reinventing the hospitality at a workplace. Thus a clear manifestation that technology is transforming, leading to a brighter future for Facility Management. The entry and exit to the washrooms shall be connected to each other and speak to each other. I am confident that this blog will excite you more then ever before. 

Organizatios are demanding the intelligent workspace, thus fast forward everything in the building would be connected. Since, young millelianss have joined the workforce. Intelligence, Innovation and Insights that's the future of Facility Management. 


  1. Workspace Emotion

    Connecting people with technology in personalized way will impact the workforce. Personlization helps in making humans happy, the more happier the workforce, the more productive an organization is. Facility Management has to focus on the future where technology is more emotional with personalization.
  2. Connected Workspace

    HVAC, Access control, boom barriers, flap barriers and each lights connected to each other in the workspace and talking is the most exciting trend for the workforce. This innovation inspire the Facility Management service providers to focus on the user experience with customized solution. In 2015 4.9 billion connected devices were in existence but this year in 2020 25 billion connected devices will be in existence. This gets a facility management service provider to get insights on visitor count, occupancy count, saves electricity and more. 
  3. Data Driven Insights

    in 5 yers, data analytics would be crucial to achieve the facility management goals. The future of data driven facility management is achievable if people are connected with property. That means, how many people are comig? When they prefer to come? Which cafeteria they love to visit and more. But, all decision models have be tailored to suit individual requirements.