Emerging HR Trends for 2020 | Inspiring HR Trends for 2020

Workforce Diversifaction & Inclusion in HR:

Equal opportunity to work, inclusion in the team meetings, shrinking the gender gap and fostering an environment of safety, and inculcating religion, culture, race, language, health has been extremely important in HR for the HR.  

The inspiring invention, innovation in the history of mankind and the greatest products in corporates were made possible by the team of diverse people coming from various cultures, speaking many languages, belonging to different sex and races, that's what every HR believe. Exclusivity in HR only reduces human potential, I am sure you as an HR align to my thoughts! My Indian HR leaders have employed this phenomenon in their approach to HR and they have seen tremendous success in HR department, thus fostering more innovation at workplace. 

HR are so passionate to incorporate the “Compassionate Culture” in their organizations to bring a positive change. HR is kind to all the employees irrespective of their behaviour and arrogance. Kindness is an extremely kind approach and is a measurable like “Employee Birthday Celebration” of an employee helps HR in creating a compassionate culture for the workforce. Giving them a Business card on the first day or arrival does create a personal approach and foster a Happy HR relation.

Compassion is the best bet and trend for HR forever. Although sometimes some employees will seek advantage of your Compassionate culture but HR has to think good and think big.

Innovation for HR

HR department “has to” accept the technology in HR, that is so innovation inclusive that includes connected devices, combined with the superpower of AI, ML and makes intelligent decisions to enhance overall HR functioning.

It would be important that technology for HR manifest whether people are content at the time of Check-in with same old same old and boring Biometric Machine or RFID readers. Technology will also help make it very easy for an HR to improve the overall growth of the business. Automation will no longer be restricted to production in the manufacturing units, rather this is the future of HR. The biggest change in HR would be on the technology front. Automation is the real challenge for HR since the bet is to enhance the skills of HR to make them Pro in technology.

Writing a letter for leaves is a pain point both for employee and HR, hence what if? an employee just press a button on the phone type in all details and it automatically reaches HR for processing. Whether the HR accepts or rejects the leave also automates and HR can just press a button on the phone or laptop to accept or deny. The acceptance or rejection automatically reaches into employee email. Technology has reshaped the entire HR department and has helped the HR to foster the work and make business more profitable. Right from finding that “right” talent to onboarding and finally off boarding the employee, the entire process including attendance that directly gets to payroll has to be automated. Connected devices, IoT, AI, ML and Big data will nourish an HR and flourish the entire HR department. 

The benefit of getting data is to analyze such that an HR can is benefited. Analytics like How many employees are in the office? What time usually the employees usually check-in? How long do they work? And everything can be automated and presented in the form of analytics with automated decisions that nourish the growth of HR.