disaster appcloud based visitor management system is a horrible mistake

So your CoWorking office space or office building has a visitor management system based on cloud where visitor check-in via a tablet PC, but is it a disaster in making? I tell you what, it is a blunder.

  • No Email Authentication:

One of my friend came to meet me in the office and the email address that she shared was not her email id.

  • No Photo Verification:


In this image taken by the Visitor management Software two people were clicked. Where is the authentication? Oh also, isn’t it a breach of someone's privacy?  

  • No Cross Verification of the visiting purpose

In one of the instances, someone checked-in to our premises even in fact putting the purpose as meeting. While we never had such a meeting.

  • Wrong Company Detail:

Now that’s most interesting. The name of the person’s company is Af, unbelievable.


INCUBSENCE is not just a company, it's an experience. We at INCUBSENCE are personalising the visitor management experience for easily check-in of visitors to premium facilities, co-working spaces and multi-tenant office spaces and buildings. We are closely working with renowned commercial realtors and facility management firms to give you a luxurious visitor management system experience.

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