Diksha Deo speaks about INCUBSENCE and the Visitor Management System by INCUBSENCE


We at INCUBSENCE, we are not just a company, we are an experience. My name is not unique but my personality is! अगर मैं संस्कृत में अपना नाम का मतलब बताऊँ तो Diksha का मतलब होता है ज्ञान देना। जब गुरु किसिको को ज्ञान देता है तो वो Diksha देता है। We are making a change that takes the human race forward. Their is a long journey behind INCUBSENCE formation. I started code at a very early stage. What makes it started? People call लड़की है, क्या कर लेगी यार prograaming में। I started at a very early stage like 5th and 6th. Now here comes the transitionof my life. INCUBSENCE is my soul, it is what I really want to achieve. आप कुछ भी काम करते हो soul को डालकर करते हो। You must be wondering how the name and what the name derived? So INCUBSENCE has two words, Incub and Sence that means Incubator with Intelligence.


So that was the first thought process of making it more unique. At that point of time I searched INCUBSENCE and it showed zero (0) resutts. The moment I saw zero(0) results (smile), I thought my search is done and now I really want this name the people should remember and make the phenomenol products that people will love. How we are different? How we see ourself as us different is the experience. Hardware is the next king. If you want to make an impact in consumer electronics you really need to nail that up. 


We talk about the application industry, the cloud industry everything is dependent on the hardware. So here what we believe is behind this name is two things, one we want to make something very unique for people and making it more intelligent to create great experience alltogether. So INCUBSENCE is my soul, it's my baby that I really want to grow and nourish. Make it more fruitful for people in terms of making the experoence count. Hence the reason we created INCUBSENCE which helps humanity meet humans and meet human experience. Why we are building? the why has to be clear. For us the why is to make the experience more luxurious for our visitors. 


INCUBSENCE baby IncubXS is the most advanced technology for the premium real estate. Any device which will do an operation in just 1 second IncubXS provides you that. You don't like to stand in ques, right? Standing in que is a time taking process, we remove that. IncubXS remove that completely. Now you don't have to stand in ques! your time is yours. We all know that iPad solutions or the tablet solutions that we have, you go there you type your name all over again. Say for example in one day you visit the facility thrice you have to fill the data thrice. 


Now go inside the building tap your phone on IncubXS device and the transactions happens in just 1 seconds. Isn't it amazing? It saves your precious time. So, IncubXS provides you that luxury to use technology to enhance customer experience. This disruptive technology will change the people's perspective use for visitor management system. Privacy is the fundamental human right, Now, we talks about data privacy, data this, data that. Here, our device take all data in house in our servers in India. So the complete IncubXS ecosystem has IncubXS device, IncubXS mobile App for users like you and me, and the third thing is to enhance business productivity, ehance the revenue for B2B people. The third part of ecosystem is the IncubXSशक्ति which is the most premium and most advanced which helps premium customers, premium real estate customers to get a feel of visitors. 


How many people are coming? Why they are coming? There occupation. What there background is? and make a complete analytics out of it and do the kind of marketing on the basis of analysis that we have! The IncubXSशक्ति dashboard is so equipped with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning algorithms which will help business customers to flourish more and more. And the complete human experience happens in just 1 second. We at INCUBSENCE, we are not just a company, we are an experience. 


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