Covid-19: “Switch On” your Office post lockdown with Contactless Attendance System

Coronavirus has stopped the entire economy. We are in a lockdown for a month now and no business activity is being conducted. This hampers the financial system of every company and all countries. But जान है तो जहाँ है। So lockdown is a good move to fight coronavirus. 


The Pre-lockdown Story 

The pre-lockdown period was a bit scary. The suspension of Biometric attendance system started with suspension of biometric attendance machines at Maharishi Valmiki hospital, followed by Federal and State government offices. Finally, private offices have to”Switch off” biometric attendance systems in order to stop the spread of coronavirus. Epidemiologists and Doctors around the world have stated clearly that viruses spread via infected surfaces through human touch. So, biometric attendance machines are an easy target for contamination. Remember one infected colleague can infect the entire office in a matter of a few hours. Hence, suspension of biometric attendance machines came at the right time. 


The Post-lockdown Story 

Okay! We expect the lockdown to be lifted soon and that’s exciting. Hence, all commercial offices are preparing for replacement of biometric machines with contactless attendance systems. An attendance system where employees do not have to punch attendance via human touch. Non human touch attendance systems are crucial to reduce or stop the spread of viruses and bacterias, since viruses spread via human touch. Facial recognition is one such thing but San Francisco has banned Facial recognition technology. The European Union has considered last year to ban Biometric Recognition technology for 5 years at public places. Can you reset your face? What if your facial data is stolen, can it ever be reset? How about a password? You can always reset your password, if your system is hacked. More than a million facial and finger biometrics were exposed to major breach in 2019 in the United Kingdom. 


Indian Contactless Attendance System

Forget biometric. HR’s and employers are now deploying a contactless non-human touch made in India attendance system as well as contactless non-human touch made in India access control system as a precautionary step to stop the spread of virus and bacterias in office. How about your Phone becoming your access card? Your employee taps the phone on the attendance system or access control system entirely made by Indian Entrepreneur, Engineers and Scientist and access all the logs on a cloud dashboard.  Such a connected devices non touch attendance system makes your phone an access card eliminating plastic access cards as well as containing the spread of viruses in office on the other hand.

Purchase infection proof non-biometric contactless touchless attendance as well as non-human touch contactless access control system that’s touchless for a hygienic, healthier and more productive workplace. Attendance system or access control system is the first point of contact for every employee. Thus stop the spread of virus at your office doorstep. As an HR choose a non human touch contactless touchless attendance system and non human touch contactless touchless access control system designed in India, Made in India by Indians.