Coronavirus Work from Home Tips: 16 Tips that help you Work from Home

Coronavrus has forced companies to let employees work from home. If you have a kid or have to take care of elderly it does impact the productivity. Your family will expect you to go to the market and get them the groceries, your kid will expect to play with you or you will asked by your partner to chop onions. Then how to be more productive and effective at home with same energy and enthusiasm that you showed at your workplace? Afterall your company will ask you to work more and show them results. Sharing 20 tips to work from home so you settle down and show to the world, how it is done? 

  • Structurize your day the same way you would do in office.
  • Get yourself a nice desk to work and work from that desk only.
  • Don't waste time on Social Media, otherwise it will eat your time. 
  • Do more then you committed.
  • Calculate the hours you are most productive and work during those hour more. 
  • Fix your Working hours. 
  • Ask your family to take care of kids when you are working. 
  • Keep Sales call post lunch. 
  • Plan your entire day, one day in advance. 
  • Explout technology to stay connected with clients and your colleagues. 
  • Work out early morning or late evening to stay active. 
  • Clarify your expectations with your family members because you are home to work. 
  • Take scheduled breaks. 
  • Chop vegetables in advance. 
  • Dress for the day. 
  • Pretend you are in office. 

When you work from home, you feel like you are no more responsible and can control your job or employment thus you feel like the owner of your job. Team collaboration becomes more and more crucial when you work remote and thus if a team of 5 defines their working hours it could result in the same productivity as that in the office. Remember your team mate Pooja might be waiting for your assistance in fixing a code. So be more accountable to her and cap your working hours.