Coronavirus & The Future of Attendance Management System

Coronavirus spread has pushed the button of panic among companies leading to highest level of escalation. Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Infosys and many leading companies of the globe has directed their employees to work from home to stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

PayTM, DSM Shared services had to close offices as their employees were tested positive for Coronavirus. 

  • Government of India led by Sh. Narendra Modi
  • Delhi Government Sh. Arvind Kejriwal
  • Karnataka Government
  • Manipur Govt. 

and many more have ordered the suspension of Biometric Attendance system. At a sales meeting for INCUBSENCE, I was in a meeting with one of the leading security service provider of India and post biometric attendance employees have to sanitise their hands as a part of protocol. A leading Infrastructure company in India had suspended Biometric attendance until further notice. This list is purely long. 

Biometric attendance is suspended until further notice.

If it's in your office, share here your experience so more and more people could be stopped using biometric attendance system that would be your part in the fight against coronavirus. Because accordingly to Rachel Graham, Epidemiologist at University of North Carolina Corona Virus can LIVE for "few hours to a few days" on an infected surface. One research suggest that on a metal, plastic and ceramic surface Coronavirus can stay for 5 days and exactly that's the reason for you to stop Biometric attendance system. 

But of course how does the the Future of Attendance System looks like? You need to upgrade your lifestyle in order to get rid of those oil on Biometric Finger scanner. Imagine your phone becomes your Access card and now you Tap your phone on the device to mark your attendance. 

That's sounds like contact less system. Yes, it is contactless. You need to ask your HR to upgrade the attendance system by speaking with them

Biometric System हटाओ। और इसको लगाओ।