Coronavirus in Offices & The Future of Work

In the fight against Coronavirus Social Distancing has been promoted as the way to stop the spread of Coronavirus in India. According to Indian Council of Medical Research, India is at Stage 2 of the Coronavirus where in the disease Covid-19 is spreading via local transmission.

State and Federal Govt. are well aware about the possible outcomes of Coranavirus if it reaches to stage three of Community Transmission. Hence, all government authorities have strictly advised private organisations:

  • Say No to Biometric Attendance

As per Rachel Graham: Epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina, Coronavirus can stay active on a surface from few hours to a few days.

Study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection says on a plastic, ceramic and metals the Coronavirus can stay LIVE for upto 5 days.

The virus transmission happens from an Infected surface. If a human touches infected surface and later touch his face, mouth, eyes or noise then danger of transmission is extremely high. Hence, Biometric Systems have to completely eliminated and you should promote a non-touch attendance system.

  • Work From Home

Closer to 20 lakh employees will work from home amid the outbreak of Coronavirus. Offices of Startups, big organisations are already empty and employees are attending offices anymore. Flipkart, Uber, Ola, INCUBSENCE, PayTM, Swiggy have adopted the work from home model.

It is important for all of us to understand that "Say No to Biometric Attendance" & replacing with non-touch would curb the infection and Work from Home avoid the spread in density, helping in maintaining hygiene.