Corona Virus: How Biometric attendance system can spread Corona Virus?

Panick across the National Capital and India is surging as by the time of writing this article 31 patients infected with corona virus are detected in India alone, most of them treated in Delhi/NCR, forcing corporations across India to shy away from biometric attendance management system.

  • Two schools evacuated kids and closed doors after father of one of the kid in school was admitted to the hospital for Corona Virus. 
  • An Indian e-commerce paymet company had to shut shop for two days as they were informed about an eomployee detected with Corona Virus. 
  • One office in Hyderabad was shut after a female worker was found to be infected with Corona Virus. 

Unfortunately no treatment is available right now to treat Corona Virus. The spread of Corona Virus in the offices has led many offices move away from Biometric system but why would they do so?

because Govt. hospital in Delhi already suspended the use of Biometric for attendance.

Now Delhi Govt. has advised suspension of Biometric Attendance:

It is important to find the alternative of Biometric Attendance system, while India fights with Corona Virus let us fight Biometric devices.

You as an employee have to Tap your mobile Phone on INCUBSENCE® IncubXS™ and INCUBSENCE® Nanha to mark attendance.

Look Namaste, Hand Washing, Hand Rub with Sanitiser is done to kill the virus or prevent from coming on to your hands but if you have to attend office daily and have to touch Biometric that could cause the infection to spread.

Hence, let us throw away Biometric machines and look for alternatives such as INCUBSENCE®.