Corona Virus: Does biometric attendance has the potential to spread Corona Virus?

As the Corona Virus disseminates Delhi/NCR causing Panick across the National Capital and India, corporations across India have to take steps to fight the novel Covid-19 popularly known as Corona Virus.

  • PayTM office has to shut the office to Sanitise both Gurugram and Noida location as one their employees was found to carry Corona Virus after the employee from Italy.
  • Two schools have to close doors with immediate effects.
  • DSM shared services had to close their office temporarily after a Woman IT worker was diagnosed with Corona Virus.

Since, as of now no treatment is available we have to look deeper into the actions that have to be collectively taken by all the corporations, including CHRO'S, HR executives, employees and admins.

The moment an employee comes in, he or she is asked to do Biometric to mark attendance. I was having a debate with my doctor over WhatsApp and I had doubts whether a Biometric machine could cause infection.

That's what he told me:

because Govt. hospital in Delhi already suspended the use of Biometric for attendance.


Now Delhi Govt. has advised suspension of Biometric Attendance:

In the lieu of that, it is important to find the alternative, while India fights with Corona Virus we have to fight Biometric devices.

But what shall be the alternative to Biometric? Can you mobile phone become your Access Card? Does a mobile Phone connected with access control system be a potential to stop infection?

The answer is YES. That's what we have done. You as an employee have to Tap your mobile Phone on INCUBSENCE® IncubXS™ and INCUBSENCE® Nanha to mark attendance.

Look Namaste, Hand Washing, Hand Rub with Sanitiser is done to kill the virus or prevent from coming on to your hands but if you have to attend office daily and have to touch Biometric that could cause the infection to spread.

Hence, let us throw away Biometric machines and look for alternatives such as INCUBSENCE®.