Cloud Visitor Management System and Check-In System: NO NO NO

Whether a CoWorking office space, multi tenant office space, individual offices, factories, schools and universities moved from paper based and a registed based visitor management system to a cloud based visitor management system. This cloud based visitor management system seems quite promising but comes with a lot of flaws. Like quiet literary such Tab PC based cloud visitor managememt systems click your picture, ask for government approved identification card (ID card) iike Aadhar Card, PAN card and others. This Check-In system also asks for your meeting purpose, person whom you meet. 

Data privacy is crucial! Would you consider me clicking a picture with you and store in my smart phone? Most of the readers of this article about visitor management system will answer

image coutesy: infinity gc

So why are you allowing these sign-in kiosks and Tab cloud visitor management systems to send data to a third party servers? Not only this! They never authenticate the data of a visitors. For an example check the email id mentioned by one of my visitor in a coworking space. 

So where is the authentication if you move to cloud based visitor management system from paper and register based visitor management system. 

INCUBSENCE is not just a company, it's an experience. We at INCUBSENCE are personalising the visitor management experience for easily check-in of visitors to premium facilities, co-working spaces and multi-tenant office spaces and buildings. We are closely working with renowned commercial realtors and facility management firms to give you a luxurious visitor management system experience.


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