Chowkidar: who guard us!!

Deboarding at Delhi Aerocity, in the month of May, the sun was penetrating deep into my skin. It was scorching heat and temperature was roring high at 43° C. It was scary to walk even for 5 mins and hence I booked a cab. My driver literally laughed and was surprised that I booked a cab only for a KM.

But what do I do? It was too hot outside. I was scared, it was too much of heat. And then we move towards our destination, the guards were outside, without Umbrella and without water. Some can argue that it is their job. They are paid to stand out and salute the passengers.


But, take a pause. Imagine yourself as that chowkidar, with a hat on the head, boots on the legs and the dress on your body. Now, it is a Monday morning 9 AM, you reported for your duty. Sun is on a full swing at 43° C, the car bonnet’s are hot and some cabbies are rude. Still you smile and greet them with Namaste. Is it easy? Let me tell you it is challenging without a shed, and water.


We always neglect them and never smile back. Next time, you meet a chowkidar, understand he/she is doing it to fed self and family. A chowkidar has small kids and/or elder parents who can barely walk. Next time a chowkidar looks at you, and smile, smile back. Because only chowkidar is saving you from trespassers and criminals to keep you safe. A visitor management system is important to guard the guards. 


INCUBSENCE has launched IncubXS a visitor management system that introduced tap your phone for the first time for premium facility management for a quick visitor check-in.

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