Biometric Attendance System- Why Biometric attendance system is bad?

The coronavirus outbreak has given rise to a new controversy wherein the biometric attendance system, majorly the finger biometric system has been suspensed by Government of India, Government of NCT of Delhi, Punjab Governement. An order was also issued by Karnataka government to suspend biomteric attendance system. This has surely spark the controversy sourrounding the deployment of finger biometric attendance management. 

Were these biometric attendance system really a threat to the mankind? In the case of fingerprint biometric attendance system a lot has been studied and recorded. According to doctors, the virus can spread through contact with contaminated surfaces. Biometric attendance systems typically require the person to put finger on the machine.

An Epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina stays coronavirus can LIVE on an infected surface for few hours to few days. While in another study published at Journal of Hospital infection coronavirus can stay for 5 days on ceramic, plastic and metal surface. 

If an infected surface of biometric attendance system is touched and then an employee touch his / her face then an employee can be infected due to the infection from the biometric attendance system. 

Hence, switch to non-human touch attendance management system