Biometric Attendance System | What is wrong with the biometric attendance system?

Biometric attendance systems are just bad we all knew it but was never acknowledged. For every biometric attendance to mark your finger biomteric attendance, an employee has to be registered. But these biometric attendance systems could be hacked very easily. Once there was a big conclave to thank the 600 labour workers out of which only 60 people were present. Yet, the biometric attendance machine marked all 600 attendance. 

When we started probing the matter we realised every person was registered 7-10 times. How can that happened with the most secured biometric attendance system? An employee has 10 fingers and 2 thumbs. Thus if we do the numbers right, one employee can be registered for 12 times. Thus one employee becomes 12 employees in the biometric attendance machine. 

That's just an example I shared about how bad the attendance from biometric attendance system is? But few more disadvantages of biometric attendance system are:

  1. Biometric Machines work offline: All biometric attendance machines work offline. To process the attendance data one has to buy a seperate online solution. Imagine you have 200 employees to mark attendance and process the same? This becomes difficult for biometric attendance management system. 
  2. Biometric attendance systems not suitable for field employees like slaes team, site engineers, field workers. Biometric machines are static and fixed on a single location. Thus you can't trace the attendance of sales employees. 
  3. Proxy and Fake Attendance stands high chance for biometric attendance system.
  4. Less Features: Biometric attendance system need to be integrated with an HRMS tool, this additional economical burden as they have less features. 

The future of attendance management system is not with biometric attendance system but with non-human touch attendance system