Best Visitor Management System in 2019

Visitor Management Systems were introduced to replace Paper and Pen based visitor management systems. These register based visitor management systems came with a lot of problems. One of the major problems of such paper based visitor management system is authentication, from writing Micky Mouse to Donald Duck, to wrong addresses and poor handwriting. 

The So-Called new age Tab based visitor management systems focused on authentication, poor handwriting and bulky registers. But, these visitor management system came up with their own set of problems. 

  1. Wrong Email Addresses

  2. Wrong Company details

  3. Multiple guest picture

  4. Data on third party cloud storage 


And much more.

So, don’t you think Paper, pen based visitor management system and Tab based visitor management system are one and the same thing? Except Tab based visitor management systems are more digital. Come on, you never paid such a big price for your visitor management system for only making it digital, right? INCUBSENCE, has solved your problem. 

Throw away, bulky registers, bulky and power consuming Tablets. INCUBSENCE, Visitor management system is thin, small and consumes less power. This visitor management system, IncubXS is more safe and secure, because your visitor tap their phones. All the data is stored on INCUBSENCE servers in India, thus all the data of your visitors remains in India. 

So the best visitor management system in India and across the globe is designed and made by INCUBSENCE for CoWorking Spaces, Offices, Manufacturing Units, Multi-tenant facilities, events, and wherever you greet your visitors. 

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