Attendance Management System, Best Attendance Management System for employee attendance.


Attendance Management of employees is important for companies human resource professionals in order to manage and maintain payroll systems. Biometric attendance management systems for employee attendance were successful in explaining and informing the CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, IT Managers and HR’s that employee attendance can be made simple by replacing the old fashioned way of employee attendance via register entry for a seamless attendance management system. Hence, register attendance management system were thrown away and biometrics attendance management systems were replaced instead. This new biometric attendance management system for employee attendance did made the Hiring Managers and Human resource professional happy as now the countdown of number of days and leave management was tech driven. However, such biometric attendance management system, leave management system and software, and payroll management system solve a little purpose.


In this era of fast speed business world and cut through competition, a single minute of employee time wastage due to biometric attendance management system damages and drags the business behind. Not only this biometric attendance management systems are unhygienic. Imagine a colleague sneezed and then punched his/her finger onto the biometric attendance management system? A lot of bacteria and germs on the fingerprint scanner of your biometric attendance management system exists. Then it is your turn to punch. But do you really want to punch? OMG! The hypertension of getting flu, is scary here. 


The biometric attendance management system is unsanitary and is equally dirty as a door knob. Do you as an HR willing to compromise employees health? Do you think if an employee gets the flu and unable to work, does it hamper company productivity? Truly saying Biometric Attendance Management System is doing more harm than good. Biometric attendance management system can make your hygienic office space as the most unhygienic space. 



We had the same consideration and questions for our life, and hence we decided to replace biometric attendance management system with something that is more hygenic and does the entire operation of attendance management in just one second. 

We have revolutionized the attendance management system and integrated it with payroll management as well as leave management. Employees tap phone on the IncubXS device, the attendance is registered on the cloud dashboard and leave request, approval is doing via INCUBSENCE Swagat App. 



The time is here for your my dear HR and the Boss Boss, to come along with us in the journey of making hygienic urban offices by replacing biometric attendance management system with INCUBSENCE tap phone and go attendance management system. 

INCUBSENCE Attendance management system is the most advanced attendance management system in the history of mankind. The mission of INCUBSENCE IncubXS Attendance management system is give your employees the best attendance management experience.


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