Access Control System, The Best Access control system to secure your offices.

Access Control system with RFID cards or access cards have dominated the space for securing the office premises preventing unauthorized access in the office building. Such access control systems are RFID access card based access control systems. When an authorized person tap his/her RFID access card on the access control system device, the magnetic door locks are unlocked giving access to the area. 


Organizations, Coworking Spaces, Multi-tenant facilities, private office owners are always on the look to block access to prevent any unauthorized access of their premises to secure employees, server rooms, and properties inside the premises. Hence, access control systems became a normal in the offices. Employees carry card and tap on the access control system device to get inside the office premises. 


Until now, access control systems comes with a card. But, now more and more employees want to get rid of RFID access card based access control systems. Because what happens when you forget RFID access card? Were you get inside intruding the access control system on your own? This access control system has embarrassed you and you have to ask your colleague to tap his RFID access card on the access control system to get you in, on time. How many times you were locked out of your own office premises because you forget your RFID access card? I know last time, the receptionist gave you access by tapping his RFID access card on the access control system. It was funny enough for you.  


But how many times did you forget your Phone, while you forgot to take RFID access card? Not even a single time, right! 


Hence, we thought to reinvent the access control system by garbaging your RFID access cards and replace them with your phone. So, you can unlock your gate by tapping your Phone on the access control system invented by INCUBSENCE. Now, no more carry RFID access cards, just tap your phone on the IncubXS नन्हा device i.e the access control system and wow you get access to your premise. 


A more secure, safe and the most modern way of access control system.


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INCUBSENCE is not just a company, it's an experience. We at INCUBSENCE are personalising the visitor management, attendance management, meeting room booking and access control experience for the safety, security of premium facilities, co-working spaces and multi-tenant office spaces and buildings and easy check-in of visitors. We are closely working with renowned commercial realtors and facility management firms to give you a luxurious visitor management system and access control system experience. Our designs and technologies are inspired by the people we meet. And hence Clients and Customers come first in INCUBSENCE’s way to business.