3 Inspiring HR Trends for 2020 | Top HR Trends

We are now in 2020 and this year will have HR reinventing the way HR department functioned till 2019. Hence we decided to put together top trends in HR that will be spoken in every HR department, in every HR round table, in every HR conference, in every HR events and in every HR meeting: So let’s learn the best HR trends for 2020!

Listing three trends for Human Resources business professionals, Hiring Managers, and Global HR leaders that will be talked about this year. In the age of rapidly expanding economy and empathy the new way to lead Human Resource, as an HR you should be aware about these trends to help your company flourish. 

The Round Table HR

In the upcoming days every CEO, and COO will give a chair in the meeting to the HR to involve them in strategizing and their understanding on human psychology when it comes to expanding into market and increase profitability. So HR will become the next most sought after job in any company. 

Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

 In 2020, a hardware device that communicates directly with the software providing AI-driven solutions will reinvent the entire HR process across industries including Insurance, Coworking, Real estate, Banking, manufacturing units, and more. Such an extensive technology will have a lot of advantage.

Data Analytics Transforming HR

Analysis of Data will be an every adopting model for HR departments to make decisions better for HR.  HR professionals can attract and retain best talent with automated data decision models,

This technology will boost HR with infinite possibilities in identifying trends and patterns on employee productivity, employee attendance, leave frequency, and employee performance KPIs. Data analytics with a good decision model will change the HR department forever.

HR is the most under rated and most ridiculed job in the industry. However, the good news in HR for HR is in for this year and for many years to come. A bottom-top and top-bottom approach parallely will grow HR's and ultimately leading HR department to create winning teams. HR now will also be involved in more then just hiring and firing. CEO will require HR and HR department to be involved in every small, and big decisions that will reshape the business, the business policies, orgnanizational development that over surge the productivity of any company. Hence, HR will no longer be a same old same old job, rather it will involve a lot of component of business development. All small or big business decisions will require HR to put forward their thought process and suggest some corrective measures. Hence HR is more then just an average job. It will be HR that would be a bridge between employees and the top management. This also equip HR with technology to create change in the HR department and that ultimate will change organization behaviour and towards the the growth of employees.