3 Coronavirus Work from Home Tips

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus epidemic, Govt. agencies has asked many companies to invoke Work from home policies. Thus helping in curbing the spread of Corona virus and avoiding it getting into the stage 3 of Coronavirus that is community transmission. 

It's unusual for us right? The sudden mass work from home, partially or full time has taken everyone by surprise. Some of you might have done it before and some would experience it for the first time. This Work from home is rather unusual as entire company is working from home. Here are my 3 personalised tips for you to Work from home so you can maintaining your physical as well as mental well being. 

Dress yourself

Many times overlooked but the most crucial tip is to dress yourself when your work from home. This switch on the work mood and you feel like a real human. Okay! Don't forget that you will have a video call with your team and a video conferencing with a client. Loose clothing or pyjamas will be turn off for your colleagues and clients. You feel it when you wear it! 

Define your working hours 

When you work from home, you feel like you are no more responsible and can control your job or employment thus you feel like the owner of your job. Team collaboration becomes more and more crucial when you work remote and thus if a team of 5 defines their working hours it could result in the same productivity as that in the office. Remember your team mate Priya might be waiting for your assistance in fixing a code. So be more accountable to her and cap your working hours. 

Designate a place to work from home

Beds and Couch makes you feel lethargic. Remember bed was invented to sleep and couch to take rest. You are home to work because of the Coronavirus not because it is a fashion. Despite being home you have deliverables and company is answerable to clients. A desk and a chair is a perfect combination to work. You have to keep your work and home separate. You have to work 8 hours. The Chair and desk that choose shall be comfortable for you to work without the requirement of taking a nap or becoming more lethargic.