2 HR Trends for 2020 | Top 2 HR Trends

Performance Management & Social Media in HR

Hey Priya, you have completed 1 year in the organization, let us sit for an annual performance review. The annual performance review was carried out with due diligence and of course these usually bored the HR and the employee. Gone are the days when HR sit for annual performance review once in a year with the team of HR. With the change in the business requirements and the surge in speed and productivity, HR are now more vigilant in reviewing performance as and when required. That means the days of HR and Employee sitting on annual performance will diminsh in 2020. 

Social Media has brought people closer to each other and now many people are brand with more and more people becoming an “overnight Success” in the social media. Hence HR will look after the individuals or Social media stars who became the Brand to leverage their following in making the HR department and organizations a brand. Now HR will share seat with the CEO, and COO in the meeting to the HR to involve them in strategizing and their understanding on human psychology when it comes to expanding into market and increase profitability. So HR now will be round table work. 


Artificial Intelligence & Connected Hiring:

This year your hardware device will communicate directly with the software to provide AI-driven solutions thus reinventing the entire HR process across industries including HR in Insurance, Coworking, Real estate, Banking, manufacturing units, and more. Such an extensive technology in HR will have a lot of advantages. HR will have an automated assistant that is Chatbots for HR. Unconventional in HR but this would change everything in HR technology in HR department to help HR optimise cost and time. 

Screening a large pool of applicants usually eats up a lot of time of an HR thus becoming a complex and frustrating task. However automated decision models will assist HR to filter resumes and pre-screen candidates based on the Job description and skills. Thus the HR department will move towards an unbiased approach in hiring decisions. Since AI, ML decision model will help HR in unbiased screening,the quality of hires will become better and organizations would employ more productive employees. Analysis of Data will be an every adopting model for HR departments to make better and smoother decisions for HR.