2 Facility Management Trends | Top 2 Facility Management Trends

Dumb building to smart workplace

The mundane buildings are now being reinvented into smart and intelligent with innovation that involves an ecosystem of IoT, AI, ML and Big data. Facility management service will grow slow if newer technologies are not adopted the facility management companies for the betterment of emplyees, and clients of facility management service providers. Intelligent Attendance systems, Smart Access control systems, Cleaning Robots, Smart Surveillance would see revolution in the upcoming years.

Hence, the Facility Management Service Industry has to get ready and adopt new technologies. These new technologies will increase the budget, and lower the labour cost. 


Outsourcing Facility Management

Creation of maximized value in minimal cost for Facility Management is the foremost priority of companies outsourcing the facility management, hence a large number of companies will now evaluate the model of their operations in Facility Management. While the trend of outsourcing facility management to vendors has significantly grown, but a collaboration of in-house resource, with cost, and vendor management among others will be the new trend in 2020 for Facility Management.