10 HR trends for 2020

Connected HR and Automation in HR
Much of the process in the HR department by 2030 will be driven by connected offices and automation via IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. Employees easily bypass the Biometric Attendance Management System and RFID access control system thus always leading to unpredictable and wrong results, lowering productivity of HR leading to more work in HR departments. The best option for HR business professionals is to move forward with more advanced technologies that give seamless results. 

Shrinking HR Teams:

This will never happen. With automation HR now have to be reskilled and HR job loss will not happen. Any automation will reduce the human error, it will assist the HR. Automation will never lead to unemployment of HR rather HR will be more a technology job then manual. 

HR now a strategic business partner:
Now every CEO, and COO will include a chair in the meeting to the HR to involve them in strategizing and their understanding on human psychology for expanding market opportunities and increase profitability. So HR will become the next most sought after job in the industry.

Artificial Intelligence in Hiring: 
In 2020, a hardware device that communicates directly with the software providing  AI-driven solutions reinvent the entire HR process across industries including Insurance, Coworking, Real estate, Banking, manufacturing units, and more. Such an extensive technology will have a lot of advantages.

Data a new HR tool:

Analysis of Data will be an every adopting model for HR departments to make decisions better for HR.  HR professionals can attract and retain best talent with automated data decision models. This year technology will boost HR with infinite possibilities in identifying trends and patterns on employee productivity, employee attendance, leave frequency, and employee performance KPIs. Data analytics with a good decision model will change the HR department forever. 

Happy HR
HR is now becoming a Happy and an inclusive movement:

  • Technically Sound and Technologically Advanced HR

  • Human Affinity first Approach

  • Lowering the gap between the management and employees

  • Intuition + analytics

  • Contribution Strategically and operationally

Go with the Flow HR:
Honestly many employees want HR to give them freedom to learn on the job. While most of the HR allows going with the flow many a times it is difficult for an HR to let employees train on the job as it sometimes won’t fit the business requirement. Micro vs Macro learning content shall always meet every employee expectations because everyone has a different approach towards learning. Some want to study before they work and some want to learn while doing the work.

HR’s will always have a Yorker from employees! Yes, Always! 

Inclusivity and Diversity

Inclusivity is not only about lowering the gap between men and women but also about respecting and giving equal work opportunity to all irrespective of their religion, culture, race, language, state of health and more. If you look at the history of mankind The greatest innovation in the history of mankind was made possible by the team of diverse people coming from different cultures, speaking multiple languages, belonging to different sex and races. Exclusivity only reduces human potential, hence ALL IN! Many of my Global HR leader friends have followed the approach and they have seen tremendous growth in employees as well as in the business of the corporate they serve. 


Lead the Leadership
Leadership teams  also learn like employees and hence due to busy schedules they are unaware of what’s going inside the teams? Here, HR plays a crucial role. A role in leading the leadership team to create a management that help foster the growth of each and every employee.
Change will always start at top and HR has to lead the leadership by example. As an instance, I always ask my managers to keep me updated who is unhappy to work with us and why? Some answers are prejudiced and some are without prejudice, but what matters at the end of the day for the HR is the right feedback it can give to the top management that help them navigate business in the best interest of the company.

Productivity is at the core of any business. HR are given the responsibility to navigate the teams to bring results otherwise replace the source. While hiring is a guess for HR but firing is certainty but it is really difficult for them to be great. In the pursuit of growth, HR has to drive the employees in a way business interest is always kept on priority. However, this sometimes makes HR a political topic in the organization. Such politics within the team impacts HR. Hence, to make work more productive it is better to find the top performers and also to find the Political mastermind. Throwing away negativity in the garbage is the best tool an HR can employ to boost the morale of the company.

Leaving my अठन्नी 

This year will see a new way to HR, so every Indian Global HR leader can noursish his or her HR department in a new way. This will help HR to boost the morals of employees and will be a complete overhaul of HR functioning. Now in 2020 you will observe every Human Resources business professionals, Hiring Managers, and Global HR leaders leading a new path of HR success. Empathy, kindness coupled with Data and technology has opened a new way to lead Human Resource.