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India's First Hardware Accelerator


8 Themes

Consumer Electronics

Different varieties including Health, Fashion, Agriculture and any other.
Kitchen, Home or anything in appliance
Hmm! So you care about the planet! Clean Tech, Environmental Impact!
Devices that automate B2B or help them flourish.
An affair of Software with Hardware.
Cool Gadgets in the list, YAY!
Electronics Toys of any kind.
Anything that make the consumer crazy.

3 Levels

Early as they say! but won't help! come to us and we will parent you. An idea and a team that can change million lives are good enough here at INCUBEARLY. After all, idea is a newborn.
The newborn is now a kid and is enrolled in a school. This baby with a working prototype works here to design a finished product and take it to the factories.
Woohoo! Time to graduate from the University! as grown-up professional. Here, you launch your product!

What You Get?

We never stop and when the program is over, INCUBXL doesn’t stop. You’ll always have a home in India

  1. India' First Hardware Accelerator, INCUBXL gives you hands-on help, mentorship, and the INCUBXL network: advice, expertise and experience no lesser than drinking from the firehose.

  2. Our team is always a hello away, excited to evaporate manufacturing stress. We have a deeply helpful team for you, eager to help you overcome your manufacturing stroke, making your user experience cool, or help you in retail distribution. Trust us we were in your position years ago and still are in that position.

  3. We help you raise seed capital (USD $100,000) from our Investment partners, and we make sure that you find a home in every district of the world.

  4. Exclusive access to our fully-equipped workspace for you and the other teams (we have samosas, too).

  5. Closer to production, thus you understand the product development cycle from 0 to 1- that is from beginning to a finished product. Possible because of Make in India.

  6. You will work with different Indian Engineers with cost constraints. Price and functionality are the two major primary constraint.

  7. The art of the Namastey. Brilliance hidden in the acknowledgement for work and productivity! Crack it and apply on yourself to attain consciousness and apply for the attainment of being better. A cultural vibrancy and diversity, that will make you a better human being.

  8. Special crash course on the Indian market, and consideration of selling your products here in India in the future.

    The final 21 days of the program is your pitch preparation and refinement, for INCUBXL demo day event. Followed by some interviews in the press, pitching to investors.

As we are India's only and the first hardware accelerator, we have access to the best mentors and potential customers! for your startup.

Your Benefits from our programs:

  1. Weekly meetings: Our in-house hardware mentors will review your work to organize, strategize and inspire you to work on the execution. The best-in-class hardware mentors will help hardware founders to make money.

  2. Marketing support and Growth hacking workshops with one to one and one to many for navigating your sales funnel and creating impactful social media marketing campaign.

  3. Operational guidance: Highly focused meetings for inculcating knowledge of sales support, major distributors, logistics and selling your product on Amazon, and Flipkart.

  4. Sales training: We prepare you to win 2-minute pitch to important customers.

  5. Content curation help: Optimized contents is self-explanatory! We will help you meet the content producers and India's finest videographers to shoot dream product videos or photos.

  6. Weekly founder chats: We give you access to major hardware founders. Founders are especially invited for inspirational and open fireside chats to cocktail you the details on what works and what doesn’t when growing a business.

  7. Key partners Introduction: We take you to our partners, for them to say Yes to your product, and help you reach your customers. Lifetime access to INCUBSENCE resources and discounts.

  8. At the end of the program, you’ll have crispy samosa type sales and launch strategy and the connections to get the deal done. A Network of fellow INCUBXL founders to share your successes. Beyond the INCUBXL family, we are a fast-growing network of over 100 experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and hackers.

Application Process

It is advisable to apply early in order to provide the INCUBXL team sufficient time to review your application.
  1. You are disrupting or innovating in a difficult yet well-defined market.
  2. You really want to bring your idea to life.
  3. You are working smart to make that happen.
We shortlist teams with ideas, hardware prototypes and turns them into fully functional, scalable and profitable businesses. We recruit 4-5 teams every 6 months, typically with 2-3 entrepreneurs, with a concept or an early prototype with an ambition of growing at the speed of jet.
The teams go through a competitive application process and agree to relocate themselves in Delhi/NCR for the complete duration of the program. Over ten weeks, they will build and refine their prototype product, launch to an initial group of customers (mostly via crowdfunding), and test their delivery and/or business models. Last two weeks are the most intense, each startup polishes a company pitch and demo the same to the media, investors and potential partners to present at INCUBXL Demo Day.
Application opening soon


Lifetime free office space in our office for you and your team. Our space has all the ingredients you wish to plan out your business, build a demo, prototype or a beta product to help you launch and scale your product to make money.

Growing Ecosystem

These Two Behind the Madness

Diksha Deo and Anuj Sharma