Old Age Homes

By 2050, India's Senior Citizen population will grow to 300 million from 100 million in 2015. That is, the total elderly population of the country will hit 19% of the total population. This is also a three-fold increase in the number of elders in the country.

A recent study suggests that 37% of our senior citizen friends are ill-treated by their families, 20% of them are unable to socialize, while 9% of elders reported some kind of physical assault and unfortunately 13% of them are also mentally tortured as per The Hindu.

We want them to live a life of dignity with care and love. At INCUBSENCE, we volunteer 10 hours per team member in a month and spend our time with senior citizens of Mother India.

After all, Smile is never Old.

बेटी पढाओ, विज्ञान सिखाओ

Our founder is a renowned name in the technology sphere around the globe with a focus on Women in Technology. While growing up and working with many reputed organizations, She saw an apathy in the tech industry for Women Programmers and Engineers.

Either Woman is usually not employed in the core tech domains, or if they do, the jobs are odds like testing. INCUBSENCE is working on the learning curve of young women thereby educating them on the challenges of today’s world. We at INCUBSENCE are inspiring them to lead the technology industry and go beyond the odd jobs.

Hence, we founded CKHO and TechDelhi where company contributes 10 hours a month to inspire the young generation of Women in shaping them to lead tomorrow.

स्वच्छ भारत

Earth is our Motherland!

We pledge to take less of the planet and make more for it!

It is our belief that best products in the world shall also be the best for the world. Environment-protection is our responsibility. All INCUBSENCE products are environment-friendly, ROHS compliant and 100% certified. By 2035, all INCUBSENCE facilities will run with 100% renewable energy. We also believe to leave the planet much better than we found it.

Starting from January 2019, we are banning plastics bottles, carry bags, plastic lunch boxes, containers and anything that utilizes plastic from our campuses.

Good for Humans.

Good for the Mother Earth.