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Connect the Blind Eye
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Every person is born with a purpose in life. Imagine a day, you wake up with an impaired vision, however, some are unable to feel the world after birth. Vision helps to read, write and thus economic growth and prosperity of a country skyrocket. INCUBSENCE is helping blind federations and government to unleash the potential in visually impaired to connect them with the world for the better. Today, we are doing more than before, by powerful technology products, tools, inspirational talks, and awareness programs.

Technology designed to be the
Future of Vision

INCUBSENCE products put freedom to feel the world entirely in the eyes of Visually Impaired. IncubEYE is easy for the blind to master the visibility and observation. IncubEYE flies them to go wherever they wish. It provides the power to pursue ambitions. And with a full suite of INCUBSENCE connected apps, emergency alerts and location tracking is now possible.

Save a lot for other Causes.

INCUBSENCE Social Pricing

Available to the registered NGO's and Blind Federations.

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