No Registers. No QR Code. No Tabs. No RFID Cards. Next Big Thing IncubXS. An Intelligent Indian Visitor Management innovation.

Introducing Tap your Phone.
This Incredible Indian Visitor Management Innovation is the most advanced technology in the premium real estate industry. So your elite guest enter the meeting suite in 1 second. It’s an upgrade to your luxurious urban office lifestyle.

  • 2.4” display


  • 5 mm height


  • 5 mm width


  • Real Estate refreshing technology


  • Tap phone to Pay


  • Tap phone to attend business meetings


1 Second Please!
This beautiful technology is 20 years ahead of all current generation technologies. It only takes 1 second of your premium customer to access the meeting room. Allowing you to impress your premium customer.
Your elite customer tap his/her phone on IncubXS and that’s it. Keep it Simple Silly, yes quite literally.
Luxurious decision making
A special INCUBSENCE- designed mechanism helps you to create decisions that compliment your style of logical thinking and gives you the right results.
Most advanced Security.

Security comes without compromise at INCUBSENCE. You can unlock your IncubXS account and intelligent decision making tool by 8 digit alphanumeric passcode with an OTP. All your data is stored in our data centre in Dilli, Bharat under 24/7/365 surveillance with the most advanced enforcement officers preventing unauthorized access. We protect your privacy. Most advanced security ever in the industry.
Most advanced Technology.

This is the most smartest and advanced technology in the real estate world ever with an Indian Tadka for the most advanced and premium you. For the most stunning hospitality experience. For your luxurious meetings that you do.
Breakthrough Client experience.

The world’s most popular company is starting a new era of Premium client's visitor management experience. Here an innovative technology handhold your client to access your meeting suites to help you create an incredible hospitality that never happened before.

Touch Screen Display

1 Second (Phone Tap)

Data Storage (In India)

Guest Logs Dashboard

Decision Tool

With AI, ML and Big Data

No other visitor management solution is like IncubXS. Every detail that goes into making IncubXS make it stand tallest. From the way it is designed, to the way we developed the dashboard and decision tool, and to our privacy features. All is innovative.
Oye IncubXS Oye
Only IncubXS
Manage office access by IncubXS
At INCUBSENCE, Software and Hardware together are shaping the world because no one survives alone.

We at INCUBSENCE design world’s most intense innovative yet cool products. The products together with Hardware, Mobile Application and Web Application creates a sense of gratitude towards the society. Just like our Hardware and Software, it is our responsibility that INCUBSENCE teams jointly bring this change for a better and an easy world for your visitors.

This might look obvious to all of us but no one has solved access like IncubXS. This differentiate IncubXS and IncubXS becomes a signal over the noise.

That means Hardware team easily works with Application team to build crazy stuff. So that when your clients tap on IncubXS, it creates an hospitality environment that get your deals done on the snap of fingers.


IncubXSशक्ति is the most intelligent, extremely powerful algorithms in the premium real estate world.

Data storage, Online guest registers, dashboards, our algorithms, you and your guests. Everything in real time. Now, unlock a new world of possibilities and upgrade your hospitality. Because client experience is an art. An art that starts from technology that help you capture your clients data, keeping it safe and secure.

Powerful Algorithms.

Powering multiple technologies- like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Big Data and world's most amazing algorithms. Intelligent algorithms power you with the right information to on-board more clients in your space.

Depth of analysis.

Take your dazzling data and make your business decision more strong. It allow you to target the elite clients and guests as much as you can. Made possible by our depth of analysis technology that compute your data to it’s core.

Enhanced Decisions.

Our algorithms generates a precise depth map to keep your business decisions simple, sane and more logical. It lets you enhance your decision taking ability after analysing all the data.

More Storage space.

5 GB of cloud storage & guest logs comes absolutely complimentary. We give you the freedom to choose amount of cloud storage as we believe Freedom is Fundamental. The outcome? Even more data storage on the cloud.

There is only 1 boss. The GUEST.
IncubXS let your guest access business suite in 1 second by harnessing the power of our best in class technology, that do not require internet. Yes, you are right IncubXS works without Internet. IncubXS is an assistant to your hospitality team that turn your guest experience as the best experience.