Firing the IoT Trigger
of every Student

Because Now! Anyone can Make

A new syllabus brings Internet of Things (IoT) back to the subject curriculum.

When students have better ways to create, it changes how they make. All the lies out there are punctured and they believe in what they see. Not what others tell them to see and they create better. Keeping this in mind, we’ve designed a syllabus that helps students the skills to communicate through making, assembling, and breaking out boards using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and all prototyping boards and so they fold these skills into every chapter you teach. So your students can put prototype boards, to home automation, motion sensing and make Engineering Schools a Maker space.

Helping you teach the language of Innovation

Electronics Prototyping and building a product is important to help students become Hardware Founders. We have created a comprehensive programme to make sure everyone can develop the hardware device. Because we believe prototyping is not enough, the hardware device is the mission.

Talk for Training

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